Let's Think Science

1991 saw the publication of the original Let’s Think Science resource CASE (Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education) or Thinking Science. Adey, Shayer and Yates had been working for many years prior to that on the research phase of the project. The next major CA science publication came in the form of the original Let’s Think resource trialled in Hammersmith and Fulham.

The published resources, highlighted below, are available for purchase, and several are offered at a discounted rate to teachers on our programmes. In fact, we strongly recommend teachers using these resources attend Let’s Think professional development in order to understand how the pedagogy relates to the lessons.

Looking for Thinking Science or interested in LTSS?

If you would like copies of the original CASE or Thinking Science resources then please email us: info@letsthink.org.uk

The LTSS project (Let’s Think Secondary Science Project) was able to update many of the original CASE lessons. Electronic versions of the LTSS lessons will soon be available here but in the meantime please email info@letsthink.org.uk for details.


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