ACTS Assessment Tools

The ACTS Assessment Tools have helped teachers recognise the progress made in thinking by their pupils and helped teachers diagnose the thinking that their pupils are using. They are formative in pointing to the support that their pupils need to become more skilful thinkers.

There are 13 tools that help teachers know more about

  • the environment and climate in a classroom where pupils’ are reasoning deeply
  • the pupil and teacher behaviours that promote the deep consideration of challenging ideas, in particular how they use language between them to convey, challenge and reason for ideas
  • the quality of thinking that pupils are doing

You can see that the tools are colour coded for ease of use. Green coded assessment tools are a good starting point, the orange ones are of moderate difficulty while the brown assessment tools are more challenging.

Tool 1 – Open and Closed

Tool 2 – Exploratory Talk for Learning

Tool 3 – Sustained Shared Thinking

Tool 4 – Relational Thinking to Relational Reasoning

Tool 5 – Classroom Norms for Dialogic Practice

Tool 6 – Accountable Talk

Tool 7 – Productive Failure

Tool 8 – Bridging

Tool 9 – Metacognitive Learning Environments

Tool 10 – Co-operative Learning

Tool 11 – Solo Taxonomy

Tool 12 – Piaget Applied to English

Tool 13 – Piaget Applied to Maths and Science