cognitive acceleration


Theory and pedagogy

I knew I should listen to children's ideas, but I never had the time, and I couldn't make sense of them anyway. This definitely makes all possible.

CA stands for Cognitive Acceleration. What is CA? was developed through the CASE (Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education) and CAME Projects (Cognitive Acceleration through Maths Education) a research project directed by Professor Michael Shayer at Kings College, London, in response to his own research, which showed that children are 'now on average between two and three years behind where they were 15 years ago' in terms of cognitive and conceptual development. What is CA? draws on the research of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky and complements many current educational initiatives, including Assessment for Learning and Every Child Matters with its focus on questioning, collaborative work, problem solving, independent learning and challenge. It is an approach that has been applied to many other curriculum areas beyond Mathematics.

Theory and pedagogy: