cognitive acceleration


How does CAME fit our use of APP (Assessing Pupil Progress)?

Assessing pupil progress Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP) is a structured approach to periodically assessing mathematics, reading and writing. It encourages teachers to track pupils' progress and helps them obtain diagnostic information about pupils' strengths and weaknesses.

The Let's Think series provides a solid basis for implementing Assessing Pupils' Progress. The resources enable teachers to engage with pupils' thinking and assess their understanding in mathematics and English.

The Let's Think and CAME series help teachers assess information processing, reasoning and enquiry skills from the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, the Renewed Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics and the Secondary Framework for Mathematics. Several specific assessment resources have been developed to enable this.

It also develops and strengthens formative assessment in the classroom.

Let's Think! and CAME activities are designed to engage all pupils and involve them in meaningful discussion.

Teachers value all pupils' contributions, helping to establish a comfortable learning environment where the teacher and the pupils explore ideas together.

The Let's Think! and CAME series help teachers develop a range of sophisticated questioning techniques, to draw out the children's ideas and the thinking behind them.

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