Let’s Think at Ruislip High School

By , 4th September 2017

Dr. Martina Lecky is the Headteacher of Ruislip High School. Martina has had a long involvement with Let’s Think, one that resulted in a doctoral study supervised by Professor Philip Adey. In this post she shares her views on the ongoing value of Let’s Think to her as a school leader. Each year my school […]

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Agreeing with Ofsted!

By , 13th July 2017

When teaching full-time in secondary education I always wondered what it would be like to be part of a school where all staff shared a common view on how best to help their pupils reach their potential. Indeed, as a parent you see the potential in your own children from the moment of birth, and […]

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Could there be such a thing as Let’s Think Geography? How to use what we know about Let’s Think in ‘another’ subject.

By , 15th June 2017

Let’s Think is rooted in a subject. The subject provides the context within which pupils face challenges to their powers of reasoning. The challenges also arise from the essential requirements for a pupil’s deep understanding of the subject. Thus in Let’s Think Secondary Science we have a lesson, ‘The P Word’ which is set in […]

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Changing teachers’ practices by Lynda Maple

By , 19th May 2017

I have been a tutor for the Lets Think Maths courses for many years. Recently I have been responsible for the Yr 5 – Yr 9 course that has been organised in partnership with Ambler Primary School in Islington. One of the delights of the courses is the enthusiasm of the participants; their willingness to […]

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The Power of Let’s Think in English

By , 4th April 2017

Here Is one of our Let’s Think in English teachers’ accounts of their development while teaching the lessons. Sarah Cunningham is a Year 6 teacher in Berrywood Primary School, Hampshire. She attended a 6 days training course led by Leah Crawford (Hampshire LTE Tutor) and Michael Walsh over 2 years and is leading her school […]

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A new science lesson for you to try

By , 10th March 2017

Last year I was able to work with five teachers from the Compass Partnership of Schools in Greenwich. Our aim was to develop some new Let’s Think Science lessons for the primary phase and I would like to share one of them with you here. It is called the Three Billy Goats and explores the […]

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It has been quite a while.

By , 2nd March 2017

It has been a few months since my last post and the main reason for this is that we have been thinking long and hard about the purpose of the Let’s Think website. The first outcome of this discussion has been the decision to redesign and update our site. As you read this post you […]

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Gathering Momentum

By , 29th September 2016

At the end of last term I was sent an e-mail by Mark O’Donnell from Broadwater School in Surrey. They have been using CASE/LTSS for a couple of years and I was wondering how they had been getting on. I enclose his reply below: Hi Alan, It’s going pretty well. I’m really pleased with the […]

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Celebrating the difference

By , 22nd April 2016

I had the great pleasure of visiting Ercall Wood Technology College before Easter in my capacity as tutor for the LTSS project. I had not been for a while and I was wondering how things were going for this school. Quite soon into the meeting the dreaded Ofsted word was mentioned! Despite the fact this […]

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Bringing CASE in from the cold

By , 22nd January 2016

To me one of the most interesting aspects of the work started by Carolyn, Michael and Philip is the international appeal of their educational research. Regularly, at least once a month, we receive via social media or email an indication of how far reaching their ideas have become. Earlier this month Dominic Edwards shared his […]

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