Thinking all over the world

By , 13th February 2015

Yesterday a lovely email dropped into the Let’s Think mailbox, and with Neil’s permission I include the full text in this blog. I feel his words highlight the fact that the seeds sown by Philip Adey and Michael Shayer are beginning to bear fruit all over the world. Cognitive Acceleration has always been about enabling […]

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Let’s Think on Twitter

By , 22nd January 2015

Two years back Michael Walsh (Let’s Think English author) was kind enough to set up our Twitter account and what a wise move that has proved to be. Every day I try to keep track of all things Let’s Think on Twitter and regularly some real gems can be found. If you follow the link […]

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Pendulum swing

By , 2nd December 2014

Pendulum swing?   On 26 Nov 2014, at 20:27, Mundher Adhami wrote:   Is the pendulum swing to failed old practices slowing down ?    A government-sponsored report out this week has EEF’s conclusions (page 13) on school practices. It is not the DfE, and seems to contradict dogma.   The BBC website […]

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What does mediation look like?

By , 4th November 2014

These thoughts were shared with me by Sarah Seleznyov one of the Let’s Think Forum Council members. They really made me stop and think and I feel they should be shared here. In considering the role of the teacher as mediator in a Let’s Think lesson (or any other), I have been looking at how […]

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Something for all

By , 9th October 2014

At the end of September I had the great honour of presenting, along with 3 other Council members, at the TA Conference in Riga, Latvia. It was a humbling experience to be among colleagues from the Baltic region and to hear the wonderful things they are doing to develop thinking within their schools and countries. […]

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New term – new resources

By , 1st September 2014

I hope September sees you refreshed after the long Summer break. The title of this post reflects the fact that: the CASE lessons have been updated as part of the EEF’s research project Let’s Think Secondary Science, the CAME materials are going to be rewritten to reflect the success and popularity of the LTSS resources […]

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English resources

By , 11th August 2014

I am slowly getting the hang of the website. I have managed, due to popular demand, to add some English lessons for those of you who wish to try your hand at teaching Let’s Think within the context of the third core subject area. One called The Bridge is free to all while three others […]

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The new site is up and running!

By , 4th July 2014

As you can see the new site is up and running and we are already getting feedback from far and wide! Please bear with me as I begin to upload all of the resources and free stuff to the site and some new features. I will add the videos we made of Professor Shayer and […]

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Alan’s first post

By , 28th May 2014

Hi and welcome to the first of my Let’s Think musings. I would like to start by thanking Sarah for all of the hard work she has done, over the past few years, to maintain and establish this website and its community of users. My name is Alan Edmiston and I am one of the […]

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