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The Let’s Think Forum is a registered charity led by a group of academics, teachers and tutors. We work with teachers through professional development programmes and the provision of exemplar lessons in English, mathematics and science.

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Concrete preparation: fast or slow?


I’ve often felt in my work with teachers, that concrete preparation was the least well understood of the Let’s Think principles. Social construction has experienced a recent boom in popularity, aligning with work on dialogic teaching (Alexander, 2008) and supporting the move towards partner and group work in classrooms. Metacognition is now a buzz word […]

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Let’s Think at Ruislip High School


Dr. Martina Lecky is the Headteacher of Ruislip High School. Martina has had a long involvement with Let’s Think, one that resulted in a doctoral study supervised by Professor Philip Adey. In this post she shares her views on the ongoing value of Let’s Think to her as a school leader. Each year my school […]

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LTE Tutor Michael Walsh's ongoing reflections on fortnightly lessons with a Year 6 class with a focus on rereading.. https://t.co/4wDa44GvwR

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Developing thinking requires preparation. Read our latest blog to find out what Sarah Seleznyov does to help teachers do to facilitate this.

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