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The classroom teaching approach of Let’s Think has its roots in Cognitive Acceleration, first developed in the 1980′s at King’s College, London by Michael Shayer and Philip Adey.

The Let’s Think approach raises the intelligence of pupils by improving their thinking processes. It is a Piagetian programme that draws on the research of Vygotsky and focuses on questioning, collaborative work, problem solving, independent learning, metacognition and challenge. Extensive research in many countries has proved that it raises attainment and progress for pupils of all abilities. Evidence from Ofsted shows Lets Think can help schools achieve outstanding teaching and learning.

Let’s Think has classroom activities from Foundation Stage to secondary level in a range of subjects. The published resources require teachers’ to take part in a professional development programme to create the best results. The professional development programmes are specifically designed to transform classroom learning and are based on exemplar lessons, classroom practice and collaborative reflection.

The Let’s Think Forum aims to transform education through high quality teaching and learning which:


  • accelerates young people’s cognitive development;
  • makes young people responsible for their own learning, through self-regulation;
  • helps young people to learn cooperatively and, in so doing, increases their sense of community;
  • is optimised through sustainable professional development;
  • recognises teachers as agents of change;
  • challenges any aspect of the curriculum which we believe could act as barriers to learning.

The folders below contain information or resources, some of which are available to members only. Subscription costs £15 and will provide you with access to our resources and support from the wider Let’s Think community.

Many of our primary resources are published by GL Assessment  but as time goes by more and more will be available directly from this site. If you have any questions about Let’s Think or Cognitive Acceleration then please get in touch: info@letsthink.org.uk

The What’s New box is the place to check for any new information, lessons ideas or courses - sample resources are being added on a regular basis.

Our blog is a good place to keep track of how wide the Let’s Think reach has become. The most recent post highlights evidence of impact emerging from Australia!

For those of you interested in Progress 8 then please read what Laurie Smith has written for us. Please get in touch to let us know what you think: info@letsthink.org.uk

If you are looking to try some new Thinking Math’s activities then please visit the Looking for Think Math’s page for details of two lessons that we need some help with.

We are also developing some new primary Science lessons – if you are keen to help with this then visit the Primary Science page for details.

About Us

About Us

The Let’s Think approach raises the intelligence of pupils by improving their thinking processes....

The Let’s Think approach raises the intelligence...




View your Let’s Think classroom resources. You can access further resources by becoming a Let&...

View your Let’s Think classroom resources. Y...


Thinking about ‘Progress 8′

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What’s New

What’s New


Looking for Thinking Maths or CAME?

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School Stories

School Stories


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Alan Edmiston

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