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Let's Think


Let's Think: challenge and creativity

Welcome to the Let's Think Website. The classroom teaching approach of Let’s Think has its roots in Cognitive Acceleration, first developed in the 1980's at King’s College, London by Michael Shayer and Philip Adey.    

The Let’s Think approach raises the intelligence of pupils by improving their thinking processes. It is a Piagetian programme that draws on the research of Vygotsky and focuses on questioning, collaborative work, problem solving, independent learning, metacognition and challenge. 

Extensive research in many countries has proved that it raises attainment and progress for pupils of all abilities. Evidence from Ofsted shows Lets Think can help schools achieve outstanding teaching and learning. 

Let's Think has classroom activities from Foundation Stage to secondary level in a range of subjects.  

The published resources require teachers’ to take part in a professional development programme to create the best results. The professional development programmes are specifically designed to transform classroom learning and are based on exemplar lessons, classroom practice and collaborative reflection. 

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EEF and LSEF Bid Success

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Let's Think has been awarded over £640,000 to develop Let's Think in Science in England by the Education Endowment Fund and £250,000 to develop Let's Think in English and Maths across London by the London Schools Excellence Fund

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Find out how your Pupil Premium can be used to raise attainment and improve progress through the use of Let's Think in your school.


Professional Development Research

Find out how the latest research into professional development validates the Let's Think professional development approach.