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The Let’s Think Forum is a registered charity led by a group of academics, teachers and tutors. We work with teachers through professional development programmes and the provision of exemplar lessons in English, mathematics and science.

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Let’s Think in Lockdown

By Leah Crawford

As I write, schools in the UK and across most of the globe are closed.  I have been continuing to support trainee teachers, school leaders and their teams and my own children at home.  It didn’t take long to realise that however creative we try to be, remote learning provision alone will always be a […]

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Has it really been three decades? Revisiting CASE* in 2020

By Alan Edmiston

* CASE stands for Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education and is an enrichment programme that includes a series of 30 lessons that develop scientific reasoning in Key Stage 3. Recently I have been supporting twelve schools across the Tees Valley to use CASE.  In all of the schools I was able to work with someone […]

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Great session today very clear usable ideas to deepen connections. Thanks @JulieHStern

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We are working on making the CAME and CASE materials available in modern digital forms

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We have been working on making the CASE and CAME lessons available online and getting inter…

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