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The Let’s Think Forum is a registered charity led by a group of academics, teachers and tutors. We work with teachers through professional development programmes and the provision of exemplar lessons in English, mathematics and science.

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‘Picking-and-Choosing’ for teaching innovation


I became aware lately that my understanding of cognitive development has become the lens by which I frame everything in which I engage. Not only in schools or with relatives, but with any human interaction: this could be quite boring to people if I am not careful! Perhaps that is a natural affliction for any […]

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Raising attainment and reducing teacher workload


Since 2008 the Government has accepted two important truths about education in England’s schools, but has decided to inform schools about only one of them. The first is that attainment in our schools hasn’t risen since the 1990s. This is shown by all three of the main international education surveys: PISA, PIRLS and TIMSS. These […]

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Lead LTE tutor Michael's ongoing thought on teaching a series of LTE lessons. https://t.co/IQeB4SaW0g

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LTE Tutor Michael Walsh's ongoing reflections on fortnightly lessons with a Year 6 class with a focus on rereading.. https://t.co/4wDa44GvwR

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Developing thinking requires preparation. Read our latest blog to find out what Sarah Seleznyov does to help teachers do to facilitate this.

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