Let’s Think Day – Cognitive Acceleration in Action

If you are interested in observing Let’s Think lessons in a secondary school then look no further. Ruislip High School, Hillingdon, is hosting a special day of Let’s Think teaching. Please sign up by following this link.


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The Let’s Think Forum is a registered charity led by a group of academics, teachers and tutors. We work with teachers through professional development programmes and the provision of exemplar lessons in English, mathematics and science.

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Progress 8, reforming the curriculum and Let’s Think


Schools’ provisional Progress 8 scores for 2018 were published in October and the full scores will be published in January. In the light of Ofsted’s new interest in the curriculum that schools provide, these will take on an even greater importance. Some schools will be under pressure from Ofsted to improve their English, Maths and/or […]

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Reflections upon metacognition and the role of teacher beliefs


Every year over the summer break I aim to read at least one educational book a month and in 2009 it was the turn of Guy Claxton’s ‘What’s the point of school?’. On page 113 he pays great tribute to his A level Chemistry teacher, Michael Shayer, the leading academic on the Cognitive Acceleration project. […]

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Correction about CASE@KS1 I made a mistake by saying Philip Adey and Shirley Larkin actually it was Anne Robertso… https://t.co/fAIzVo78Cm

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